SENASA announces four new editions of its initial training course for Approach and En-Route air traffic controllers.


The course is aimed at air traffic controllers or student controllers who hold Tower ratings (ADI and ADV) and who need to complete their license with the Approach (APP and APS) and En-Route (ACP and ACS) ratings.


Those students who hold an Air Traffic Controller, or Student Air Traffic Controller license, with ADI and ADV ratings, and who have passed any of the recruitment processes for air traffic controllers carried out by Enaire after 2016 or who pass it in the future, by successfully completing the course will obtain the Student Air Traffic Controller licenses with all the necessary ratings to access their post at Enaire.


SENASA is a national leader in the initial training of air traffic controllers, with more than 2,000 student controllers trained since 1995.


The courses are delivered in replica simulators, equipped with the systems used in Spain by Enaire and under the European common requirements included in the European Regulation 340/2015.


To know all the details about the operation of the selection process, see the BASES for this edition.



The course has an estimated duration of 27 working weeks and, once successfully completed, the student will obtain a Student Controller license with the Approach (APP/APS) and En-Route (ACP/ACS) license.


The course also includes a 4 days-long training for the issue of the GMS endorsement (Ground Movement Surveillance), linked to the Tower ratings (ADI/ADV). Those students who already hold such endorsement on their licenses do not have to go undergo this training and will get the corresponding discount in the price of the course (see the “prices and financing” section).



In order to access the course, the student shall meet, at the deadline for the registry in the course, the following requirements:


  • To hold a European common Air Traffic Controller license, or Student Controller license, with the ADI and ADV ratings.
  • To hold –or have held- on their license the English language proficiency endorsement with ICAO level 4, 5 or 6. In case of not having such endorsement, SENASA shall perform an English language assessment prior to the admission to the course.
  • To be proficient in Spanish language at an advanced or bilingual level. This level will be considered as accredited by students who have passed recruiting process for air traffic controllers at Enaire after 2016. In the case of candidates who do not have Spanish nationality, or on whom those responsible for the course consider that they may have communication difficulties, SENASA reserves the right to perform a Spanish language assessment test to allow admission to the course.
  • In order to work as an air traffic controller, it is necessary to hold a valid Class 3 Aeronautical Medical Certificate. SENASA does not require its submission to allow the enrolment in the course, but recommends obtaining it before paying the tuition, in order for the student to ensure compliance with this requirement.


COURSE DATES (updated on 15 March 2018)

The following four editions are scheduled for 2018:


  • April 2018 edition: the course will start on April 23rd 2018 and will end approximately on September 2018.
  • July 2018 edition: the course will start on July 19th 2018 and will end approximately on March 2019.
  • September 2018 edition: the course will start on October 4th 2018 and will end approximately on May 2019.
  • November 2018 edition: the course will start on November 16th 2018 and will end approximately on June 2019.


The dates indicated here are estimates and may be subject to variations depending on the requirements of the training, the vacation periods of the centre and the terms necessary for the management of the course.


SENASA reserves the right not to start and edition if a group of at least 8 students is not completed.


DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS (updated on 15 March 2018)

The registration period for the course will open at 12:00 hours on February 22nd and will close on:


  • April 2018 edition: At 14:00 hours on March 16th 2018.
  • July 2018 edition: At 14:00 hours on June 15th 2018.
  • September 2018 edition: At 14:00 hours on August 31st 2018.
  • November 2018 edition: At 14:00 hours on October 11th 2018.



The price for the Approach and En-Route ATC Initial Course is 39,559 euros (41,584 euros in case a group of 12 or more students is not completed).


Once admitted, students must make a payment of 1,200 euros as a reservation of place.


Before the beginning of the course, the candidates will have to submit to SENASA the original documentation (or certified photocopy) accrediting the fulfilment of the access requirements, and to proceed with the payment of the full course.


SENASA has requested financial institutions with which it usually works for specific loans to finance the courses. A summary with the most appropriate conditions received from the entities Caixabank, BBVA, Ibercaja and Banco Sabadell is attached.


For any information on financing, those candidates interested should contact any branch of the entities referred. SENASA will not act as financial intermediary in negotiations, being outside of any contractual relationship between students and banks.


For more information and details, consult the BASES or send an email to



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