SENASA launches a new initial training course for Tower, En-Route and Approach controllers in all its ratings, divided into two modules: Module 1 will allow the students to obtain the Tower control ratings (ADI/ADV). Module 2 will allow the students to obtain Approach (APP/APS) and En-Route (ACP/ACS) control ratings.


  • Any student who obtains the Tower control license will be able to access jobs in private control towers.
  • Any student who applies for future recruitment processes at Enaire, by finishing modules 1 and 2 will join the first group of students who hold the required training and therefore will shorten the period for the incorporation to the company.


For more details on the operation of the selection process, see the Bases.



The course is delivered in replica simulators equipped with systems identical to those used in Spain by Enaire and suited to the requirements included in European Regulation 340/2015. It is divided into two modules. The first one lasts approximately 25 academic weeks and the second comprises approximately 34 weeks.


  • MODULE 1: Basic ATC Theory and TWR Control
  • MODULE 2: Approach and En-route Control


The ratings to be obtained after completing the MODULE 1 will be ADI ( Aerodrome Control Instrumental) and ADV (Aerodrome Control Visual) and after completing the MODULE 2 will be APP (Approach Procedural) and APS (Approach Surveillance), and ACP (Area Control Procedural) and ACS (Area Control Surveillance).


The fact of having attended and passed MODULE 1 does not imply for students any obligation to study MODULE 2.



In order to be admitted on the selection process, candidates must comply, at the moment of the publication of the Bases, with the following requirements:


  • To be at least 18 years of age.
  • To have an advanced level of English (no supporting qualification is required although the reference level is level C1 or equivalent).
  • To have an advanced level of Spanish (no supporting qualification is required although the reference level is level C1 or equivalent).
  • To pass the selection process required by SENASA. The cost of the participation rights in the mentioned process is € 150.
  • To present a valid Class 3 Aeronautical Medical Certificate (before the beginning of the course).
  • Not to be providing services AFIS operator or Apron Management Service (SDP) operator in Spanish units. In order to accredit this requirement, candidates must submit together with their application a declaration stating that they are not providing the services indicated above at the time of publication of the present bases, according to the template attached as an annex to them.
  • If a candidate is providing services as AFIS operator or SDP operator in Spanish units at the time of publication of the present bases, they may be admitted to the course if they provide a certificate issued by the service provider in which they are rendering their services, stating that they have been properly replaced in their duty with the mandatory guarantee of service, in accordance with the provisions of AESA Resolution of December 29 th 2015, which establish the conditions for the approval of the starting of the ATC initial courses, extended by Resolution of February 19 th 2016, to AFIS and SDP operators.



The selection process of SENASA consists of the following tests:

The FEAST (First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test) is a test developed by EUROCONTROL specifically designed to select those candidates wishing to be trained as air traffic controllers. It consists of two eliminating tests: FEAST 1 and FEAST 2. Therefore, only candidates that have passed FEAST 1 can take FEAST 2. Both tests are conducted in English language and using a computer.


Candidates that, in the immediately preceding year to the date of the application is submitted would have passed the two FEAST tests, won´t have to do this test. However, these candidates should indicate in their application the date and the center where the tests were performed, in order to SENASA could carry out the appropriate verifications.

Candidates will have to pass and oral English test. The candidates with mother tongue other than Spanish will have to make an oral test on Spanish language as well.


If a candidate holds a valid certificate of English and/or Spanish proficiency (ICAO level 4 or higher), he/she will not have to make the corresponding language test.

The test and personality interview is conducted by a specialized team of professional psychologists and is intended to determine whether the candidate has the personality profile required for the completion of the courses and a career as an air traffic controller.



The Course is scheduled to begin on November 20 th, 2017.


The number of places offered for the Tower, Approach and En-Route Initial Course is 48.


SENASA reserves the right not to proceed the MODULE 1 if a minimum of 8 places is not filled.


SENASA´s selection process will begin on October 23 rd, 2017. The ATC Training department will contact each of the candidates to inform them about the details of the process.


The dates shown here are indicative and could be subject to changes according to formative requirements and necessary deadlines for the management of the course.



The new registration deadline for the selection process will be closed at 12:00 on November 6th 2017.



The Tower, Approach and En-Route ATC Initial Course fee is € 67.500.


  • MODULE 1: € 27.000.
  • MODULE 2: € 40.500.


Before the beginning of MODULE 1, the candidates who have passed the selection process and the candidates exempt from performing the same, will have to submit to SENASA the original documentation (or certified photocopy) accrediting the fulfilment of the requirements of the call, and to proceed with the payment of 1,200 €, as a reservation of place of MODULE 1. If they were interested in studying MODULE 2, they must also proceed to the payment of 1,200 € as a reservation of place of MODULE 2, within the indicated period.


SENASA has requested financial institutions with which it usually works for specific loans to finance the courses. A summary with the most appropriate conditions received from the entities La Caixa, el Banco Santander, el BBVA, Ibercaja y Banco Sabadell is attached.


For any information on funding, those candidates interested should contact any branch of the entities referred. SENASA will not act as financial intermediary in negotiations, being outside of any contractual relationship between students and banks.



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